Volunteers Needed!

PODVoters needs your immediate help! As you can tell from this site, PODVoters is still at a very early stage and needs massive help and effort to realize these ideas. We need Volunteer Programmers, Lawyers, Researchers, PR Managers, Organizers, and anyone and everyone else who wants to see PODVoters fully realized.

To volunteer, please send an e-mail to us at volunteer at podvoters dot org. In the e-mail, please include the following: your PODVoter name; the area(s) you can help in the subject of the e-mail; in the body of the email: a brief description of your ideas, background and plans for working with us; and detailed contact information (best means of contact and times).

Thank you; we really, really, really need your help...so do e-mail us at volunteer at podvoters dot org. Together and only together can we form this alternative political framework and make our government more effective.