Nominate a Candidate!

The voting/nomination process part of the site is not yet finished. This area will include the exclusive space where candidates can post information about themselves and their accomplishments which volunteers will vet. If you're interesting in running in the PODVoters Nomination Process, please begin by all means developing your ideas but please don't advertise nor promote yourself in any way or in any medium apart from private discussion. We, as you know from our process and principles, will have strict guidelines and forums for productive, verified, rhetoric-free discussion and exploration.

If you're a programmer and would like to help us with the site or if you're a researcher or budding investigator and would like to help us vet and perform research on and for candidates, please visit our Volunteer page.

As soon as our site is equipped to handle the nomination process (which will be soon), all PODVoters will receive an e-mail with information as to which the elections for which we have a "live" nomination process and how to go about nominating a candidate as well as participating in the whole process.