About PODVoters

PODVoters was founded in 2007 by a few American citizens fed up with both major parties and the miserable public policies we are still suffering through. We are currently gauging the relative interest and appeal of our idea, and hope to build nomination voting process and collaborative policy research platforms into the site.

PODVoters Are United in Being:

  • Sick of the Best Commercials Winning Elections and NOT the Best Candidate.
  • Ready to Embrace a Money-Free, Sound-Byte Free Election Process.

  • Sick of Democrats and Republicans.
  • Ready for a Real Change, Not a Rotation of Republi-Crats.

  • Sick of Lies, Hypocrisy, and Incompetence.
  • Ready for Informed, Intelligent, Just, and Efficacious Policy-making.

  • Sick of Policians using Clout or Former Clout for Personal Gain.
  • Ready for Candidates Without Ties to Large Corporations and Monied Interest Groups.

  • Sick of Fear-Mongering for Political Purposes.
  • Ready for Peaceful Conflict Resolution.

  • Sick of Being Bitterly Divided and Manipulated as a Country for Political Purposes.
  • Ready to Solve Real Problems Together.

  • Sick of Not Having a Genuine Choice.
  • Ready to Take Control over Our Government!
    Ready to Exercise Our Voice!!

    How Can We Do This?

    The Internet! The internet empowers us to change the way our candidates are elected. The internet is extraordinary for lowering the cost of coordination and broadcasting. We can reach tens of millions of voters through a single website for year(s) for the amount it would cost to run a single prime-time 30-second advertisement. The internet allows us to easily send you messages when nomination rounds are taking place, and enables us to almost cost-lessly have as many rounds of voting as we need to determine the best candidate.

    Founding Member Profiles

    We Are Recruiting More Founders, an Advisory Board and a Board of Directors!! We also in general Need Your Help! To help PODVoters or nominate (yourself or others) for Leadership Positions within PODVoters, please visit our Volunteer page.

    Alok Bhardwaj. He was born in Texas and has lived in Virginia, Kansas, New Jersey, and New York. He earned a degree in philosophy from Princeton University in 1996 and has formerly worked in finance, in education and in art. He's currently working for a software company, HiddenReflex, which he has also founded. Alok has for a long time not had faith in either the Democratic nor the Republican parties. Excited by the success of communities like Wikipedia, he felt that there were better models for the political process that could take advantage of the enormously effective and extremely inexpensive ability of the internet to coordinate and disseminate information.

    Manoj Bhardwaj. Manoj Bhardwaj earned a bachelor's and doctorate in aerospace engineering from Virginia Tech, and works as a research scientist. Manoj is a concerned citizen that would like to see a grass roots initiated movement that makes this great country of ours really ours. The US Government should be "of the people, by the people, for the people." Manoj believes that as individuals are elected to various government offices, they are given a great gift - a gift to be in a position to provide service to many others; it's time for us to make this world a better place for our and future generation(s) and turn the tide of negativity that has been created during these recent elections.